Five Poems by Muslim Artist Muhammed

Five Poems by Muslim Artist Muhammed

"A Warm Fallen Love Snow"

A breath fogs a window --
while the fire warms the Room.

Falling snow melts --
and never meets the ground.

I felt your breath on my neck
and sharply on my heels --
you made me spin around.

Where did you go?

For fresh fallen snow never meets the ground.

The embers of the fire warms –

Though on the inside...
I still feel so very cold and alone.
And your soul hollowed and gone haunts me so.

Your voice whispers a sound --
but you are nowhere to be found.

For fresh fallen snow never meets the ground.

This fire warms a now lonely room
while falling snow melts here
in the middle of this summer's August noon.

My fingers apart freeze cold
While icicles drip from my dying heart.

With you, I long to depart,
While I go cold alone in the dark,
While a fire warms a room-
and snow falls in August at noon.

You left me oh so soon.
I am left to look around alone,
and only your voice echoes a sound.

Echoes a sound.

Oh my darling,
For fresh fallen snow
Never meets the ground.


"No Place"

I have yet still to know a warmer Sun than your touch
A softer breeze than your unseen smile.

I may never get to have you again the way I want.

Your home in my heart will always have a crater,
and no love from another place will ever get to stay there,
a wound gaping,
a Sun burning,
a moon glowing
in me,

a home planet dying.

In solitude, I crave you.
I miss you.
In public eyes, how can they ever know how I thirst for you?
This does no justice; how I miss you.
A lost criminal, I feel locked and hidden from you.
How can anything ever touch me the way you do?
I bleed apart preferring you,
and in my fading smile
I feel lost as to what to do.
For I may never get to have you again,
the way I really want.


"And Yeah... Okay!"

Yeah I can- sure I will-
and I will tell you I'm fine.
I won't worry and I am smiling on the inside,
And the day was good and the water was cool,
and I did not mind that the pool was full.
And I am not bothered.
And of course it would be fun to be a father.
And why would I actually feel let down by my brothers?
No, I do not miss my deceased and buried grandmother,

 and of course I like my clothes feeling weighted down and heavy by rain.
And no my head does not hurt, 

and there's no phobia of germs and dirt.
And, oh yeah, I grew out of fearing the dark,
the darkness of my own heart.
I am a grown man, and yes, I always want to stand.
No, I don't want to be alone,

and yeah, my home feels like a home, 

and it is the best.
And what person doesn't like having sex?
And no, I don't need to rest.
And yeah, I am doing fine, and sure, why not?
Let's go to a store and buy a futon; I love futons!
And yeah,
It was nice to see so-and-so
and no, I wasn't wanting to go,
and you could have taken your time and gone slow.
And no, I am not hungry. I ate earlier;
it's not that I want to eat alone.
and no, I don't think or feel pressured to be a social mindless clone.
And yes, I am fine.



If I were to leave,
it would mean I would be able to breath.

And if you were to leave me,
then my eyes would be open to more clearly see.

But you suffocate me in a way no one can really see,
And I am left to a darkened small box to heave,
And only beg for a breath to breathe.

If I walk through a park, 

you won't even let me feel the wind blow against me.
Nor a hot meal fill me,

Nor a setting Sun soothe me.
A cool glass of water does not amuse me.
I cannot express how from you
I long,
hunger and thirst to just be free,
How I want for a breeze to touch me,
the setting Sun to hold me
Perhaps a summer night walk to console me?

Must you take everything from me?
Let me just have a bath.
Do you mind if I enjoy the cat?
Is it all right if I see a movie?
Sitting alone in the theater does not bother me.

Damn you!
You won't leave.
Just go away please, let me be.
I am begging to breath,
begging to see,
begging to feel the breeze,
begging for food to fill me,
For the sun to hold me-
The moonlight to console me,
But you won't leave.
Maybe death is now right for me?
For back in the dark isolated lonely closet suffocating, sweating,
and heaving to breath,
this life
is death for me


"To Take over a Slave"

If I ask you to behave,

your answer is why,
when I can have you as my slave?

And if I ask why must you attempt to make me a slave?

I would relish holding you down in every possible way.

And must I be your slave?

Yes you must, until your dying day.

For what does it give to you each day?

The power to run your soul away,
and leave you utterly alone...
and wonderfully dismayed.

You sound the voice of an evil, that I must fight against- and 

that of a dragon, I must work to slay.

I will never leave you alone.
I will never let you find your way.

Does your kind work on everyone in this way?

Forever, until their dying day.

Do you consider the power of their minds,

or the psychology of their brain?

Most are too distracted by the falling of the Rain,
and comforted by a Sunny day,
to even Notice us as a Weakness,
Or even look our way.

Then against you, I will work to be aware,
And also strong and brave.

And do you believe you have what it takes to remain

 in that struggle until your dying day?

I will wait and see.
But in the meantime, I will focus on being brave.

Then make sure you hold fast in every way,

until our dying day.
For I am with you,
as a struggle, in this life to stay.


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