Final Stages of Participatory Budgeting

Final Steps in Participatory Budgeting

The cycle of events leading to the vote in Participatory Budgeting is approaching the moment when the vote takes place to choose between the various proposals that have survived the process. Just a few more steps remain. These are as follows:

One) There will be a meeting to create posters for the various proposals on the ballot. This will be on March 7th at 1644 St. John's Place. With help from artists, each proposal will have a poster designed for it conveying its scope and importance. I am already mulling over ideas for my proposal to plant trees up and down the Avenue from Empire Boulevard to Sterling Place. I think the trees proposal will work into a poster very well.

Two) On March 21 at Mark Morris the volunteers will get training in how to operate the polls in the vote. It is important they open and close on time and that a uniform procedure is followed with each voter so there are no discrepancies in the voting.

Three) There will be an expo on March 30, 1-3pm of the various proposals, venue TBA. One hopes many people will show up for this and have all their questions answered. For the trees proposal, its importance goes beyond just having trees. It is rather one step in enhancing the community, making the street cooler and more attractive in the summer so that people do not have to flee the sun. Once those people are there, they can become shoppers and more fully apart of the community as they meet their neighbors. A further step to enhance this idea would be benches that might be part of a new proposal next year. Also merchants and community people would be enlisted to take care of the trees. They would get training from the Park Stewards program in the Parks Dept. Taking care of the trees would bring more community involvement in the area.

Four) Then there is the actual vote March 30th to April 7th. Volunteers are expected to put in six hours tending the polling stations, and finally at long last, the winners will be declared.

It is very exciting to be coming to the end of this long involved process in finding out what the community wants and then realizing their ideas.

– John DeWind

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