Building a Wellness Center



Recently I paid a visit to Urban Asanas on Sterling Place just off Nostrand Avenue. This yoga studio is run by Jyll Hubbard-Salk whom I only knew through an article written by Carla McAlary for my website. The article was accompanied by a photo of Jyll, which I have included in the Nostrand Avenue Improvement Association photo show at The Black Lady Theatre. I wanted to know who had taken the photo so I could give that person a photo credit. So on February 25th at around 11 in the morning I pressed a button marked “yoga” while standing in the street on Sterling Place. A buzzer rang indicating I should push the door open and enter. Up a flight of stairs to the right I found another door which was opened by Jyll herself who admitted me even though a yoga class was going on. She put me on a stool, and I watched the last five minutes of the class. About twenty people, mostly young women but also including some older people and some men, were lying on their backs, and Jyll gave them various instructions related to breathing and stretching with the underlying message to be aware of their bodies and appreciate them. The class ended and the participants put their mats away, thanked Jyll, and had various things to say to her. One woman said she would attend a presentation Jyll would be giving in Manhattan, another said she woke up feeling awful but felt better after the class, and there were more. There was a lot of hugging and kissing.

When the people had left, I found out from Jyll's assistant that Jyll herself had taken the photo, but there was more to be said. Jyll is expanding her studio to include a Wellness Center. She took me down a corridor and showed me the area currently under construction. Two workers were there, and one could see the outline of the space. It is to include five rooms. Two of them are set aside for acupuncture, another for massage, another at the end of the hall will be a sauna. The main room will be a place for CBD and other health products sold by an outside vendor. The space speaks to the growing number of people using Urban Asanas and the wider array of needs that can be addressed by this thriving center.

Jyll said the Wellness Center will be ready for use in mid-March. That might be a good time to check out the place. Jyll offers seven kinds of classes at many different times, many early in the morning or late in the evening for those who are working full time. All this explained on a handy card that describes the different programs on one side and gives the schedule on the other. Those who go to Urban Asanas swear by it and love Jyll's larger-than-life uninhibited personality and her basic decency.

– John DeWind

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