To Over Take a Slave

To Over Take a Slave

If I ask it to behave-

it's answer is why?
when I can have you as my slave.

And if I ask why must you attempt me as a slave?

I would relish holding you back 

And holding you down in every possible way.

And must I be your slave?

Yes you must- until your dying day.

For what does it give to you in each day?

The power to run your soul away

and leave you utterly alone,
and wonderfully dismayed.

You sound the voice of an evil- that I must fight against- and that of a dragon-
I must work to slay.

I will never leave you alone.
I will never let you find your way.

Does your kind work on everyone the same?

Forever. Until their dying day.

Do they consider the power of their minds? 

Or the psychology of their brain?

Most are too distracted by the falling of the Rain
and comforted by a Sunny day
to even Notice us a Weakness.
Or even look our way.

Then against you- I will work to be aware.

And more over- 

strong and brave.

And do you believe you have what it takes to remain in that ongoing struggle until your dying day?

I too- will wait to see.

But in the meantime- I will focus on being brave.

Then make sure you hold fast in every way- 

until our dying day.

For I am with you as a struggle- 

in this life to stay.

The Muslim Artist -- Muhammad


PoetryRobbie Klein