If I were to leave
it would mean I would be able to breath.

And if you were to leave me-
then my eyes would be more open to clearly see.

But you suffocate me in a way that no one can really see.

And I am left to a darkened small box to heave.

And only beg for air to breathe.

If I walk through a park, 

you won't even let me feel the wind blow against me.

Neither a hot meal fill me.

A setting Sun cannot soothe me.

A cool glass of water does not soothe me.

I cannot express how far from you-

I long to be

I hunger and thirst to just be free.

How I want for a breeze to touch me,

a setting Sun- to hold me.

Perhaps a summer night’s walk can console me?

But must you take everything from me?

Let me just have a bath.

Do you mind if I enjoy the cat?

Is it all right if I see a movie?

Sitting alone in the theater does not bother me.

But damn you!

that you won't leave.

Please just go away. Let me be.

I am begging to just breath-

begging to see-

begging to feel the breeze-

begging for food to fill me-

For the sun to hold me-

For the moonlight to console me.

But you won't leave.

Maybe death is now right for me?

Or back into the dark isolated lonely closet suffocating- sweating-

and heaving to breathe

and life is death for me

TheMuslimArtist- Muhammad

PoetryRobbie Klein