Support for Tree Care

Support for Tree Care

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A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds – Basil.

The above quote accurately describes the community within the 35th Council District that supports the tree care program established by the Nostrand Avenue Improvement Association. Twenty-five trees are currently maintained in this program. Some of the trees are newly planted, provided by the Parks Department, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, New York Restoration project and purchased from Home Depot. Most of the trees in the tree care program were already existing trees.

Mr. DeWind gave me a tour of the tree care blocks. The first stop was a newly planted tree in front of his home. The Las family aids Mr. & Mrs. DeWind with watering and cleaning any debris around the young tree. The Las family also owns two potted shrubs outside of their home. Mrs. Las said she gets her green thumb from her mother, who was a gardener.

Across the street stands a newly planted peach tree and an already existing redwood tree. The peach tree is in front of 260 Brooklyn Ave. Two brothers, Tyrone and Lionel Rollins share the responsibility of watering this tree with Mr. & Mrs. DeWind. The redwood is maintained by Mr. & Mrs. DeWind.

A newly planted prunus tree on New York Avenue and St. Johns is watered by Ms. Janet, a resident of the block.

Moya Dewar, a resident on Lincoln Place, waters a Dogwood tree. Water is provided by Israel and Arie Mirsky and Beverly Hall. Preserving Lincoln’s Abundant Natural Resources (PLANT) also aides in caring for the tree.

Some of the trees in the tree care program are adorned with cautionary signs. Celeste Stern is a resident on New York Avenue. Her children created these signs, colored with innocence and awareness. The Stern family provide care for the already existing tree in front of their home.

There are three trees on New York Avenue that are maintained by Ernesto, the superintendent for 915 St. Johns Pl. He also provided mulch for the trees in the program that need it. Superintendent Edward also waters and cleans the pit of a tree on New York Avenue.

Andre Simons, a resident on New York Avenue and Sterling Place, cares for the newly planted tree in front of his building. This tree was provided by the Parks Department. Andre built a tree guard for this tree and other trees in the tree care program.

Much like the resident supporters of the tree care program, business owners are committed to caring for the trees located on Nostrand Avenue. Kelly Shine, owner of The Wayward Hairdresser, provides water and cleans the already existing tree outside of her salon. The owners of Two Saints water the tree standing outside the bar. Across the street from Two Saints are the owners of Ali Nails. They water the tree in front of their nail salon. Yossi Cohen, co-owner of Lula Bagel cares for the two trees in front of his bagel shop. The employees at the medical office and discount store on Nostrand Avenue and Sterling place water and clean the pits of the trees located outside of the establishments. And last but not least, Victor, a butcher at Met Food market, cares for a newly planted tree provided by Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

- Danielle Jackson

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