Holiday Party on Lincoln Place

On Saturday, December 8, at 4pm the Lincoln Place Holiday Party started up. Everyone was in a festive and cheerful spirit for the event. Many thanks to the ladies of Lincoln Place (Althea,Perri, and Vicki) who bedecked the rooms at 284 New York Avenue with cheerful decorations. The food was more than amazing: Sandra outdid herself and Israel made a delicious mac and cheese. There were a variety of wonderful desserts with many people making contributions. There was also a successful toy drive. The great collection will make many children happy this Christmas. So many people contributed to this party and the results were great; a large crowd showed up including long-time residents and people new to the neighborhood. All had fun seeing old friends and getting acquainted with the newcomers, eating and drinking the marvelous fare.

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2019!

– Moya Dewar

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