Mosaic Church - 4th Anniversary Party

Mosaic Baptist Church celebrated their 4th birthday Sunday, September 9.

Pastor Stephen Sallard gave a sermon based on Colossians on the theme of the Theory of Everything, arguing the Jesus the King provides an explanation for the entire universe. After the sermon there was a great party, indoors because of the rain.  Members of the congregation supplied food, including a birthday cake and entertained the children present.  The congregation prayed for Megan Gay whose grandmother had recently passed away. She is in Texas with her children helping her mother.  Also Stephen announced the birth of his son Darius, ten days overdue. He made the point that just as Darius is entering a new world so does someone who accepts Jesus as his or her Lord.

The party was quite festive and happy in mood all the more so because a contingent had come from Tennessee to help Mosaic celebrate.  Here are some pictures from that party:

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