Clothes Giveaway in Brower Park


During the afternoon of Sunday, August 26, Jasmin Garcia of Mosaic Baptist Church organized a clothing giveaway at the east end of Brower Park near Kingston Avenue.  She single-handedly gathered used clothing from numerous people, organized its movement to Brower, and there set up an impromptu clothing store using tables, racks and the nearby benches.  All afternoon people showed up tried on clothing for themselves or their children and happily took it away free of charge.  Jasmin did receive a lot of help from other members of her church.  Among others, Megan Gay, Katie Baker, Salome Peterson, Methinee Artami, Roneice, Rachel Yee and Shawn all came and helped.  A large amount of clothing found a new home and the participants had fun getting to know their neighbors, trying on various pieces of clothing, all during a pleasant afternoon in the park. Jasmin, what a great idea!  And you brought it off so well!  Congratulations to you and everyone else involved!

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