Petition for Traffic Light on Eastern Parkway & New York

Working with Jimmy Burton of the Lincoln Place Block Association NAIA helped get 104 names on a petition to have speed bumps installed on the two blocks of Lincoln Place from Nostrand to Brooklyn Avenues and also to have a left turn light put in at the intersection of New York and Eastern.  This is remarkable in that Jimmy is 90 years old and suffers from a disability preventing him from walking long distances. It turns out these two efforts must go to two different community boards.  The effort to get speed bumps has been filed at Community Board 8 and the effort to get the light has been placed in the hands of Community Board 9.  We will keep track of these two proposals and issue updates when we hear more.  The effort to get the light is a long standing one, and we will persist until this gets done. Julia of Community Board 8 believes this petition will be granted after appropriate study of the issue by the Department of Transportation.  The issue of the street light at Nostrand and New York is the responsibility of Community Board 9. The petition was filed there with Khalid Nixon, who promised to stay in touch and let us know how is progresses.

UpdatesJonathan Judge