My heart beats softly for you, like a slow, steady drum.
I used to feel myself rising every time I heard your rhythm,
That beat that was yours.
How lewd and shameless you made me feel,
How I longed for you.

It aches so terribly, the pain in my heart ,
And it is all what you have done,
Beaten and battered me like an old drum.
I was reticent, except with you.
Now you have abandoned this heart and stepped on this soul,
But I must be played once more,
And then it is goodbye.

Come, come, play this rhythm as you did before,
Are you a coward now?
Use this drum as you did in the past, my love.
It beats faster, my heavy heart,
You still know the tune, play it again!

Caress me just as before,
Let your feverish hands run all about me
And your lying mouth say, "I love you."
Beat this drum you know so well
Beat it like you did back then!

Let the pace rush,
The music climax,
The song be heard ...
Then let me fall into silence.

Hear that new beat? That is my heart returned .
I stand fast again, no longer weak as I was before.
I am no corpse, I am not a worthless drum.
You brought me pain, my drummer, but now it is my tum.
Do you hear it?

Those are the sounds of war, and each beat points forward.
My heart is cold to the world, and
I am the drummer, and I beat a new song.
Hear the beat as I return the dance to the drummer,
And break many stout drums,
And heal my aching heart.

By Katherine de la Rosa

PoetryJonathan Judge