5 Pieces

Anthony Logan is a 66-year-old lifelong Brooklynite. For the last two years he has lived in Crown Heights. He has experienced a lot of adversity in his life, but his deep faith in God has sustained him. Anthony’s passion is poetry. His writing is crisp and joyful. When you read his poems, you can hear the voice of a man who has seen a lot, but is still holding on to happiness. Here are five of Anthony’s poems, included by permission. You can read more of his work when you search for him at www.poetry.net.

– Stephen Stallard

 Five Poems by Anthony Logan


As I sit back and think

of all the wonderful things my God has done for me,

It makes me want to prepare for all eternity.

In sickness and health,

In poverty and wealth,

My God is always there to give me help.

I know He is with me on my journey through life.

So I will hold his hand as

He guides me through my darkest night.

Talk to Me Lord

Lord there are times

I have feelings I just can't explain,

So I pick up a pen and call your name.

I ask you to give me direction,

Guide and see me through.

Tell me each day what it is I should do.

The Lord Comforts Me

Whenever I feel that a tear is near,

You wipe my eyes and say,

“My son have no fear;

I shall forever be there.”

I have lived my life

Complicated and angry,

Not knowing who to trust.

Everyone was a stranger.

But since you put a lock on my heart,

And gave me a brand new start,

And told me I can touch the stars,

My thoughts flow so free as calm as winter trees.

It is your name I shall call in my times of need.

I know you will answer my call and forever take heed.

At Peace with the Universe

Acts of faith, dreams of joy

take me back to the time when I was a little boy.

I tried to be a child as I grew in a man's world.

So I asked my God for direction and strength.

He gave me both.

So I grew in this world and I saw hope,

But I always talked with God,

And he always answered me.

Now I have real joy, peace, love and harmony.

Thinking of You Lord

I had a lot on my mind, so I started thinking of you.

Then it seemed like a light began to shine on me,

And everything became brand new.

Thinking of you is such a beautiful thing;

Everything seems so clear, my words are clear.

Your voice is powerful;

You presence, I want forever near.

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