Development on St. Gregory School Building

The St. Gregory School building next the Catholic Church at St. John Place and Brooklyn Avenue, empty since 2011, has been leased to a development company. They presented a plan to make alterations to the landmark building. They also proposed to give money to the church for much needed repairs. They wished to add two floors and put on an addition on the west side of the building. They needed to get permission from Community Board 8. At a meeting on Thursday, September 13 the Community Board unanimously rejected the application at the advice of the Housing and Transportation Committee, citing the change in the profile with the church and its bell tower. Also the board wished to know the status of the building particularly with regard to the cause of cracks in the facade, whether these might be caused by flooding in the basement. Also a board member noted that the plan only had 13 parking spaces for a building with 46 planned apartments. It is a shame that a public use has not been found for this long neglected but striking building. Ideally one would wish it to be taken over by another school, perhaps a public one as Catholic seem to be dwindling in the current social climate.

UpdatesJonathan Judge