Community Gardens

Here we’ll be featuring a few amazing community gardens in Crown Heights. Go check them out when you get the chance.

Mama Dees


Mama Dees Garden (where Bedford and Rogers Avenues meet) is striking first of all for the amazing mural four stories tall on the back yard. It is small, but lush and beautiful -- a great place to have some quiet time, garden, or meet with friends. The garden gate supplies information about the history and how one can get involved.


Bergen Community Garden


This garden is the crown jewel of community gardens. It is a large space which is divided into many small spaces each with it own attraction. Once one goes in the gate, one can walk on winding paths past large vegetables -- pumpkin, squash and tomatoes. There is a small hill with a flamingo statue at the top. There is a gazebo for events, and a sign conveying the spiritual meaning of a garden. This a place one should not miss.


Monarch Community Garden


The purpose of this garden is to provide an environment where Monarchs can thrive. There is milkweed on which they like to lay their eggs. When the eggs hatch caterpillars emerge, eat extensively and then form pupae. Out of these emerge butterflies that take off to the south, returning after the winter and starting the cycle all over again. That this cycle continues to function is a sign of the health of the environment. That the environment needs our help is sign of its weakness.

Jonathan Judge