Nostrand Avenue Improvement Association

Our Statement of Principles

We believe Nostrand Avenue should be a good place to do business. That means the following:

It should be a clean place, with no garbage blowing down the street or overflowing garbage cans. 

It should be attractive with healthy trees and flowers. The trees should provide shade and refuge for birds. The flowers should be striking and colorful. 

It should be a comfortable place to be with benches, bike racks and easy access to stores so that people can enjoy themselves and converse with their neighbors freely. 

It should be safe and free from ugly and insulting graffiti. Everyone on the avenue should feel secure and store owners should not have to worry about stealing or hold ups. They should know they have the support of the police and community. 

The Nostrand Avenue Improvement Association will take an interest in all community issues of zoning, rents, permits for construction and keeping up the unity, spirit and character of the avenue based on individual ownership of stores. 

It should be a place where the spirit of cooperation reigns and neighbors are concerned for one another and are willing to intervene when they see a wrong committed and celebrate when they see accomplishment and wisdom.