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Lemon Nail Salon and Spa “Where quality is our priority.”

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Alejandro Aziles with a group of family and friends own the new Lemon Nail Salon and Spa on the corner of Lincoln Pl. and Brooklyn Ave. (Telephone: 917-412-2966). It is an open, airy and clean new salon painted in fresh springy colors. The chairs in which one sits to have a pedicure are luxurious and offer the opportunity to control one’s own massage. The salon offers a large range of services: manicure (acrylic and gel), pedicure, table massage, waxing and more. A basic manicure is $12 and a pedicure is $23. Paraffin treatment comes with the pedicure at no extra charge. The nailists are highly skilled and friendly and help the clients to be as comfortable as possible. Each client gets a sterilized set of tools and water or tea. The salon opened in August and at this writing, there was still some work to be done; a website will be coming soon with a listing of all services and prices and the opportunity to make appointments, a sign will go up in the window, and a private room will be added for massage and waxing. Price lists and gift certificates will be printed.

This lovely Salon was the long-time dream of Alejandro’s mother. The family is from Ecuador and this is their first business here. It has been a joint effort of family and friends both in the building and in the financing and has taken about a year to come to fruition. After hiring a fraudulent contractor, who they later discovered had no license, got no permits, didn’t do work up to code, and took $45,000 from them, Alejandro, himself, a licensed electrician, and his family decided to begin again; they raised more money and did the work themselves. Fortunately, this is a talented group of hard-working people and they got busy gutting, designing and building. A licensed plumber was hired along with a company to do the ventilation system. A friend in the neighborhood, an architect, helped with permits. Everything else, sheet-rocking, painting, and electrical work, was done by family and friends.

After the set-backs and delays, the Lemon Nail Salon and Spa is now up and running and already attracting neighbors. I am happy to say I was their first customer and a very satisfied one at that!

Alejandro, his mother and his family and friends intend to be here for a long time.


-- Louise Kurshan

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