Vee's Restaurant

Vee's Restaurant on Nostrand Avenue 

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Near the corner of Nostrand Avenue and Carroll street is Vee's, a restaurant that has been serving Jamaican food for over 25 years.  Vee is the owner and original chef, and she often sits at the counter speaking to patrons as they come to see her and get the food they so very much enjoy.  I had the pleasure of meeting with Vee for an in depth one-on-one interview. 

Vee’s restaurant used to be closer to Empire Boulevard but had to move up the block closer to Eastern Parkway due to new expensive apartments going up at the old location.  Her current location is smaller, and down sizing she says has been an adjustment.  However, she doesn’t miss the old location, and her regular patrons appear satisfied with the new one. 

I asked Vee what made her open a restaurant? A gift from God and a desire to serve Jamaican food she said. Her first restaurant opened when she was 24 in Trelawny, Jamaica, and  Jamaica will always be her home at heart.  However, Vee says she doesn’t miss the crime of Jamaica, which was of every kind. She relaxed in her seat as she told me about family that had gone to Jamaica for a recent visit, then expressed how truly grateful she was when they returned to Brooklyn safely.

The current location is now the only one; she closed a restaurant at a previous location because it felt like trying to be in two places at the same time.  On her staff is a chef who has been with her for 11 years, and one for 17. She loves food and likes to eat, but she limits her meat choices to chicken and fish. Vee told me she is married and has two sons, a daughter and a cat. She loves speaking to people and on her personal time she enjoys listening to Gospel music and prefers the cool spring season over other seasons.  In time, with God permitting, she would like to retire in Florida; she has a home waiting for her there.  As my interview with Vee came to a close, I asked her if she had a favorite car and what does she want people to know for certain about her? She told me she drives a Lincoln Navigator, and that she is a kind, loving person who is considerate and likes to share; also she is business oriented and does not care for any nonsense.  I said all right.

I sat down and ordered Mac and Cheese, Chicken Roti, and Sorel and Carrot juice. I found the Carrot juice a bit sweet for my taste, but everything else was fine.  As I ate, I watched the Women’s U.S. Open on the big Television near the door. While I watched a line of hungry patrons formed, nearly reaching the door.  

Vee’s does table service and take out seven days a week. They’re open 8am to 12am and sometimes until 1am.  Vee’s is located at 896 Nostrand Avenue, and the weekends are the busiest. It is a great neighborhood restaurant with many loyal customers who come there to eat and to socialize with Vee.

– Muhammad Abdullah

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